About Me

Hello hello and welcome to It’s YA GIRL!

I’m ya girl, Chloe!
I was recently asked to review a book, the publisher sent it to me, it was awesome, and I can’t ever go back to a life where I wasn’t sent books to review.
SO, I do this now.
I want all the books. I want to live in a cozy cabin that’s all fireplaces, fuzzy blankets, tea, and a bathroom cus you know, ya girl needs a bathroom.
Until I get my cozy cabin, this will be my space to geek out about my favorite books, which will probably include a lot of yelling about fictional hotties and how unacceptable I find certain character deaths to be!
My blog will NOT be a spoiler-free zone, but I will ALWAYS warn you before I get into the spoilery bits, so don’t worry about it.

I’m a Hufflepuff and I love a LOT of things! I’ll probably love you too, so feel free to say hey!

I’m just getting started here, so be patient with me as I learn what it is to be a book blogger!