It’s Ya Gift Guide 2017!

Oh hello, you must be here for gift ideas! Or maybe you just like looking at lists of stuff, no judgement. I love looking at lists of stuff.

Giving gifts is a serious sport, especially because some people are impossible to shop for.
You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones that aren’t really into anything. Right?
What do you even get those people…soup? Sure! Everyone loves soup.

But the real rockstars of the present holidays are the geeks! They love specific things so intensely which is what makes giving them gifts really fun. The downside is that they usually already own the stuff they love. I know that’s a weird sentence but it makes sense so just go with me on it.

So what to get the booknerd in your life that has everything? I got some ideas, and SURPRISE – none of them are books! However I firmly believe that any book-a-holic would be thrilled with any of these gifts. This is in no way me hinting at gifts that I want for myself, YOU ARE MISTAKEN. I made this list out of the kindness of my heart and am in no way trying to get you to buy me presents….

Here are some GIFTS!

Tea & AbsintheWhat goes better with books than tea? This place has become a favorite after I discovered them at NYCC a few years ago. This year they introduced Hogwarts House themed Teas and the Hufflepuff tea is simply DIVINE! I mean…of course it is, Hufflepuffs have the most delicious everything. I also love the crap out of Starry Night, it’s almonds and Van Gogh and wonderful.

picture from bookstagramandkitties on instagram

Owlcrate – Okay so this might include a book but it includes other stuff too SOOOOO. Plus, I’m not sure if you know this about me yet but I am really love mystery boxes! Subscription boxes are really just another name for a mystery box and I. LOVE. MYSTERY. BOXES. Full disclosure I JUST ordered this myself and haven’t gotten the first box yet but like…what’s the worst that could happen? I get some fun lil knick knacks that I’ll never use so I just give them away to you babes? SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! 

TOTES – Can anyone ever really have enough tote bags?! Speaking as someone with a closet full of totes, NO. You can never have enough. The book-lover in your life will appreciate a sturdy bag to carry their mountain of books around with them.

 | 1. ACOWAR Quote | 2. Banned Books | 3. Punk Rock Authors | 4. Hermione Quotes | 5. PSL & Books |

Pins for everything. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate how stupidly cute this Library card and stamp pin set is. Who does it think it is being the cutest thing on the planet. SPEAKING OF CUTE, there is a Nancy Drew pin that makes me want to run out and start detecting things. Like what’s in the clocktower? IDK NANCY DREW PIN. LET’S FIND OUT TOGETHER. To top it all of there are these little cuties for all your favorite titles! 


Book Safe – Don’t lie to me. You’ve always wanted a hollowed out book to hide secrets in. I even tried to make one myself when I was younger (it’s a lot harder than it looks especially when you don’t have an exacto-knife or glue). The point is that if you’ve always wanted one, chances are your BFF wants one too and that’s why this is the IDEAL GIFT. It’s a book but it’s not a book.

picture from booksloveandjoy on instagram

Of course candles are on my list! There is a candle for everything! Pemberly, Hogwarts, Lallybroch, what do all those places smell like? I don’t know but I’m going to find out!!! There are a couple different options but this one, and this one are my favorite sellers! 

Marrying Mr. Darcy – Oh HELLO, a board game based on marrying the bae of all literary bae’S?! YES THANKS. I really don’t think I need to say more on the subject so let’s move on.

Sparkle Designs – Another find from NYCC, they make jewelry, metal art, and mugs. I’ve been kicking myself for weeks for not getting one of their ACOTAR charm necklaces at the con, but it’s almost better this way because now I can make the necklace exactly as I want it. They even have musical inspired stuff, so go on get with your HAM SELF!

Literary Postcards – I am really excited about correspondence these days! Snail mail is just one of those simple joys in life and it’s probably because my generation has sort of given up on the old practice. I am not looking for excuses to write my friends letters, anything from Get Well Soon cards to Thank You Cards to HEY GIRL WHATS UP cards. These ones are great because they are thick, glossy, and have ample writing space on the back. 

Literary Posters – The real battle with quotes is trying to find the perfect one to match your person. I am particularly partial to this one that features a quote by C.S. Lewis. It’s minimalist, elegant, and would fit beautifully in any home! 

Book Journal – I’ve never tried a book journal myself, but i have friends who are obsessed with them. I figure if I’m going to try one out this is the best one! It has checklists of recommended reading, activities, and also has entry pages for recording all of the books you’ve read and want to read. Especially perfect for the book blogger in your life who needs to keep track of everything!

Litograph Shirts – The idea for these shirts is super cool, they use the whole text of a book for the design. My dad actually got me the Gatsby shirt for Christmas a couple years back, sadly I have no idea where it is right now. I remember thinking the sleeves and bottom of the shirt flared out a bit more than I like, but the fact that they have designs for the classics as well as YA makes me smile.


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