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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books of 2017

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they have a different theme for bloggers to post their Top Ten. This week’s theme is…..

Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017

These are my favorite books that I READ in 2017, they’re not all books that came OUT in 2017. You’ll notice I’m a little late to the game on some fan favorites (aka all of SJM) but I got there. I GOT THERE BABY, AND I AM NEVER LEAVING.

10. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Please don’t hate me you guys but I….actually don’t like the Red Queen series. I found the prose to be super frustrating and repetitive. Can’t go five minutes without Mare waxing on about Cal, or Maven, or her own specialness being The Lightning Girl. I especially don’t get the whole Maven thing. I was thinking about it though and I think my problem with it was the narrator?? (I did the audiobooks) SO. MAYBE I NEED TO READ THE ACTUAL BOOKS? Cus I really want to like this series. Anyway the point is I read them this year and Glass Sword was my favorite. It reminded me of Mockingjay a little bit. Maybe I’ll make a dedicated post to talking about this series so you can all weigh in on if I should re-read them before War Storm comes out next year.

9. Warcross by Marie Lu

I have a lot of issues with this book, (You can find my review HERE) but the reason Warcross is on my list is because of Hottie McHotFace Hideo Tanaka. Tall, elusive, Billionaire, intelligent, Asian, super broody, and gives expensive gifts?? HE CHECKS ALL THE BOXES. YUMMERSSSSSSS.

8. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

CUS IT KICKS OFF THIS WHOLE ADVENTURE. Plus it’s fine on it’s own, starts off real predictable but interesting and then we go under the mountain and shit just hits the fan. Plus it gives us these beautiful fucking sentences…

7. Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

This was a book that while I was reading it I was like, “Yeah okay. This is is interesting and all but it’s not special.” And then when it ended I just….YELLED for a hot second and had to flip back through it looking for the clues. The rest of the series is pretty exciting. I thought I’d find Lia, the MC, really obnoxious but I ended up really liking her. She can join my ranks of BADASS WARRIOR QUEENS ANY DAY.

6. Starflight by Melissa Landers

I looooooved Starflight! It was such a fun little space adventure that really reminded me of Firefly. I’m probably always going to be looking to fill that Firefly shaped hole in my life. I love found family stories, I love sassy rogue ladies, and I LOVE Space PIRATES!!!!

5. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

It took me FOREVER to get into the TOG books, I actually got halfway through the second one and then STOPPED. After I finished ACOMAF I went back and re-read the first two and powered through and I’m SO GLAD I did because with Heir of Fire it finally felt like we were getting to the bigger story and I LOVE that about SJM. Her books are actual progressions in these characters lives, showing multiple loves and phases of being a person. Plus I was pretty meh about Doran and Chaol so HELLO ROWAN. HAPPY TO HAVE YOU.

4. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas 

Once I got into the series I couldn’t stop and Empire of Storms was just like all the babes coming together to do the stuff and be sexy and try to have a nice time at the beach (spoiler alert: THEY DO NOT HAVE A NICE TIME AT THAT GODDAMN BEACH). I’d also like to point out that I thought TOG was a FINISHED SERIES when I started reading it, so as I was getting close to the end of EoS my heart was pretty exploding from how anxious I was. Cus like….I couldn’t figure out HOW EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO WRAP UP NICELY. Thank god there is another book.

3. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas 

It’s just everything I could have wanted from the last book in a beloved series. Feyre is President of my Badass Warrior Queens club, Rhys makes the snacks. (He also is the snack.)

2. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

YUPPPP. It was super sexy and that ending was just…*INAUDIBLE SCREAMING*. Plus the audiobook was narrated by JAMES MARSTERS. The Cohort parts are frustrating because you know…I read Fantasy books to get AWAY from the ignorance and hatred in the world but I get why they’re there. I am also a huuuge sucker for moody dark haired boys that care for an army of children. There are some days where I’m just minding my own business and then the image of Julian Blackthorn in paint-stained jeans just jumps into my head and I’ll JUST NEED A MOMENT TO COMPOSE MYSELF.

1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

I…I don’t actually have words for what this book means to me. It’s not just one of my Top Ten from 2017, it’s like Top 3 favorite books ever. This beautiful story of a woman fighting and clawing her way out of depression, and everyone dealing with their collective PTSD from their time under the mountain it just…that shit really hits me WHERE. I. LIVE. I liked ACOTAR fine, but there was something off about it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Then ACOMAF hits you with that flip and I just….THIS IS JUST IMPORTANT TO ME. Plus not to go with the obvious but you know….Rhysand.

And that’s my Top Ten!!! What do you think, did your favorite make the list??
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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books of 2017”

  1. Just finished “Warcross,” and I really liked it! I’ll have to come by and read your review soon as I get mine written. Also, Victoria’s trilogy has been on my TBR list for waay too long. 🙂

    1. YAY! Can’t wait to read your review!
      You’ll definitely have to let my know how you like the Red Queen series when you finally read it! So many of my favorite bloggers love it I’m wondering if I just missed something by only doing audiobooks!

    1. Haha, Thank you!! I maaaaaaay have fallen down the Maas hole, yes. Totally worth it, can’t believe it took me so long to read her books!!!

    2. Also…I tried to comment on your (SUPER IMPRESSIVE) list but…I don’t know I may have done something weird so if you get like a billion comments from me that all say the same thing SORRY!!!!! 😂

    1. Awesome!! I love Top Ten Tuesdays….but they’re also killing me because now I have like 50 new books to read on TOP of my already ridiculously long list!!

  2. Gahhh ACOTAR YES!!!! And if you liked that book, you definitely fainted when you read the sequel!!! No wonder it is number 1. **spoilers for anyone else who hasn’t read the first two books**
    When I read the first one I knew there was something off about it, even though I liked it. But I had noticed Tamlin’s behavior and possessiveness from the start, I knew Feyre shouldn’t end up with him!
    I see so much Sarah J. Maas! love her too, but not all the books in the TOG series. Heir of Fire is my favorite one, but I didn’t love Empire of Storms. I hope Tower of Dawn will rock my world!! Amazing list! I’ve read all of the books on your list except Starflight, and I AGREE. Great post!

    Here’s my List:

    1. OH DEFINITELY. Tamlin was exhibiting all this typical alarming behavior that’s usually brushed off YA or Romance as being attractive and I was annoyed but willing to continue reading. That’s why I was just so….flat out AMAZED when Maas reveals you know, you’re SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable with that relationship because it’s not healthy, and then gives you what a healthy relationship should look like. Just outstanding.

      I….didn’t actually like Tower of Dawn. I stopped reading it because I was bored, but I’m not a fan of Chaol’s, so if you like him though you might like it??! Though I was told it becomes important to the rest of the story so I might have to POWER THROUGH.

  3. Your list is FULL of Sarah J. Maas! I’ve read ‘A Court Of Thorns & Roses’ and liked it a lot, so hoping to read the next book soon! Also, ‘The Kiss Of Deception’ has really caught my eye, that cover is gorgeous!

    Please check out my TTT list too!

    1. Yeah…it’s kind of just a ranking of SJM books at this point. I can’t believe it took me this long to read her books!
      You should definitely read the next two in A Court of Thorns and Roses, AND Kiss of Deception, and then come back here so we can yell about it together!

    1. Well no time like the present to start reading them!!!! Though you could wait until the last books in their respective series’ come out next year so you have ALL the books ready for you. It’s almost better that you waited so you don’t have to suffer through the cliffhangers for YEARS and can just go one book after another!!!

  4. OH MY GOD, I just finished the audiobook of Red Queen last week and I know what you mean!!! I gave it four stars because I kind of loved all the angsty drama, but I completely agree with you. Mare’s all stressing out about being the chosen one and if she loves Cal or Maven more 😂 And I was not surprised by the ending at all. Maybe that was just me though??? I’m about to start Glass Sword, so I’m glad it gets better!

    Love your list!! Most of these are on my tbr!

    1. YES EXACTLY, THOUGH!!!! Phew, okay. I’m glad I’m not alone on this!
      I am really excited to see what you think of Glass Sword and King’s Cage!!!

  5. I read Starflight this year and loved it because it reminded me a bit of Firefly too!

    HIDEO TANAKA THOUGH YES. I still can’t decide how I feel about him because ~stuff~ but gosh, he was so swoon-worthy. 🙂

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