Memes WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words where you answer these three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading…

Three Dark Queens – I just started it yesterday, the world is SUPER COOL, but I’m doing the audiobook and I already wish there were three narrators instead of one, because with all the names and such I’m getting a bit confused on which sister we’re talking about at any given time.I’m sure that will get easier though the more familiar I get with the characters. Also…the Poison queen and her court or whatever REALLY FREAK ME OUT. I’m sure that’s the point but like eeeeeee!! POISONOUS STUFFFFFF.

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns – OKAY. So I am not TECHNICALLY still reading this, but I refuse to give up on it yet and OFFICIALLY put it in the DNF pile. I WILL finish it because I like it I just…keep getting distracted. It’s happening though. It’s. HAPPENING.

Recently Finished…

Caraval – So I had a lot of issues with this book, (you can read them all here in my review!) NONE of which will stop me from reading the next book in the series! It’s going to be Legen – WAIT FOR IT (get cus we’re…waiting for it.) – DARY
Invictus – This was a fun lil time travel adventure and my review will be up maybe TOMORROW? LOL I MADE THIS LIST INSTEAD OF WRITING IT SO OBVIOUSLY YOU KNOW WHERE MY PRIORITIES ARE.

What’s Next…

Iron Gold – I actually started it but then quickly realized I had forgotten basically everything that happened in the Red Rising series. Five minutes in and I was like “Wait who is that? Where is this person? THAT PERSON DIED?!” So….I’m gonna need a minute to prepare before I can get back into this.
The Cruel Prince – I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE. I think it’s weird that this book only came out this month because I could have SWORN it’s been on my radar since last year, but OH WELL. I can’t remember what I was doing yesterday so my memory cannot be trusted! THE POINT IS, that I was really looking forward to this and then BAM – it shows up on my doorstep! WOO HOO! YAY FOR SUBSCRIPTION BOXES. I’ll do a full post on it later, because it came in an exclusive cover which I think is insanely beautiful and OH WOW WHY WASN’T IT THE NORMAL COVER?!
Shades of Magic Series – I don’t know anything about these books, except that people love em? AND that the font is like the Vanity Fair font?! SO. IDK. COUNT ME IN.

So what’s everyone reading this week?
Tell me about ’em!

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday”

  1. I hope you like ADSoM. I enjoyed it a lot and I’ve been waiting for time to finish the series. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

  2. Oh man, I feel you on the getting distracted thing. That’s been happening to me with The Diviners and I can already feel that it’s going to take me a while to finish it. STRUGGLE.

    haha I really liked Caraval! To be honest though, I think I only loved it because I thought it was going to be terrible and it wasn’t. Who said low expectations were a bad thing? 😂

    Ahhhhh I’m SO EXCITED about The Cruel Prince!! I have an owlcrate subscription and it was the box for this month. I think I screamed when I opened it. And A Darker Shade of Magic is on my list too! I’ve heard really awesome things!

    1. I think that will be me for Legendary! I’m going to go into it thinking it’s going to be absolutely TERRIBLE, so if its even slightly interesting I’m going to be so happy!
      I mean
      I still liked Caraval but like….damn Scarlett is the WORST.

      I have an Owlcrate too!! I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE IT! Especially since this is only my second OwlCrate box and I didn’t really like the first one (the foolish hearts one?). I DEFINITELY screamed when I saw the book! hahaha!

  3. YAAAS read A Darker Shade of Magic!!! That series is flat out AMAZING I know am obsessed with V.E. Schwab and need more of her books now! Looks like your reading a lot of good books! Keep it up 🙂

  4. Great books. I’ve got Caraval in my soon TBR pile 😂 no seriously it’ll be soon, and have The Cruel Prince on hold at the library, waiting for availability.

    What sub did you get The Cruel Prince from? I have just put The Darker Shade of Magic in my TBR list.

    1. I got my copy of The Cruel Prince from OwlCrate and I LOVED IT! It’s one of my favorite books of 2018 and I’m going CRAZY because I can SEE people have ARC’s for The Wicked King but none of them are ME! So I don’t know what to do!

      PLEASE let me know what you think about Caraval/The Cruel Prince after you read them!!!

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