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The Weekend Wrap-Up: BookCon Edition!

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My Weekend-Wrap up is late because I needed time to recover in a pile of pillows after BookCon! Seriously, my back still hurts and I could NOT move my legs last night.

Aaaaah. BookCon.
This was my first time attending and holy Moses I WAS NOT PREPARED.

I thought it would be like NYCC. You know, just a bunch of nerds roaming around some booths, maybe grabbing a free tote bag or a book off a table. Looking at some merchandise, maybe spinning a wheel or two??? And while it mostly IS THAT, it’s also all of that but in a BATTLE SCENARIO.

Like you know that scene in Wreck-It Ralph where goes to the Hero’s Duty game and is really excited and then it turns out there are these massive bugs that are trynna kill him and he runs around screaming and knocking shit over in a blind panic?! HEYO! IT ME!

Well alright, so it wasn’t THAT BAD but it was a lot more brutal than I thought it was going to be. I arrived at the Javit Center around 8am (btw that means I woke up at 6am and did you guys know the world still EXISTS THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING?! WHO KNEW?!), and stood in line for two hours waiting for the show floor to open.

I only really had one goal for BookCon, THE WICKED KING. Ooh damn I wanted it so bad!! So I was gonna get there early, I was gonna watch their social media like a hawk for any password drops, and I was going to be a success….or so I thought.

Two problems with this plan, ONE when they opened up the show floor all hell broke loose. People went RUNNING to the booths, and I got swept up in the mob! I didn’t even know what was happening, but I found myself at a booth that was giving away books so I snatched whatever I could through the thicket of limbs before I got swept away to another booth that was being mobbed. I didn’t even know what I was grabbing! I just took it and ran! After that it became clear my easy-going browsing day had been a pipe-dream. 

The SECOND problem with my plan was that they weren’t actually giving away The Wicked King at BookCon! Apparently the ARCS were only for BookExpo. This turned out to be for the best, because after the initial mayhem I knew there was no way I was going to get that book if it dropped. So I felt better knowing that no one was gonna get it! Is that selfish?! Maybe? I’m going to call it self-care and move  on.

The rest of the day was spent moving from line to line, usually without knowing what the line was actually for. Easily the best part was getting to chat with everyone while we waited in lines, I learned that nearly EVERYONE had a printed out detailed excel spreadsheets and maps to help maximize their loot and had brought their squad for backup so they could divide and conquer! I never stood a chance. It’s like all the bookish introverts save up all their energy during the year so they can ROAR TO LIFE AND KNOCK SHIT OVER during BookCon!

At the end of the day though, I really did enjoy myself! I came away with a few good looking books, and even got to chat with some of the authors. I particularly loved talking to Maura Milan, author of Ignite the Stars. I had failed to get her book off of NetGalley so I was excited when I stumbled across her signing copies of it. We talked for a good while about what it means to see an Asian woman on the cover of a Sci-Fi book (the model is actually a friend of hers), and about how she was inspired by The Expanse (thank GOD Amazon saved it from cancellation!). Plus Natasha Ngan, who wrote Girls of Paper and Fire complimented my makeup! Shout-out to my Supergoop setting spray for keeping my face together despite being swampy AF.

Maybe I should have gone to some of the panels, but I usually enjoy just spending time on the floor at conventions! Either way, I came home with BOOKS!!! That’s a win! And next year I’ll be armed to the teeth and FULLY PREPARED for the madness!

What I’m Watching

Poldark on Amazon Prime

I am FINALLY able to watch season 3 of Poldark and I’m SO HAPPY! Masterpiece Theater KNOWS DRAMA! If you like standing on a cliff and staring out into the ocean as the wind whips your hair, YOU NEED TO BE WATCHING THIS SHOW.

Just look at this intro!!! I am all worked up about it, it’s beautiful and I sing the instrumentals at the top of my lungs EVERY TIME!


What I’m Reading

Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray

I am almost done with this trilogy and I’m really enjoying it!  Though I had to take a break between the 2nd and 3rd one to read LEGENDARY!


What I’m Listening To


Top Gun

I’ve discovered that I run faster when I listen to DANGER ZONE! So I start off my treadmill run with it everyday.

I am at like an 11 min mile which frankly for me is HOT STUFF. 


Last Week on the Blog

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The Ever Growing TBR List
*From BookCon

Olympian Challenger – ARC
Heart of Iron – Owlcrate
Ace of Shades – Owlcrate
Dread Nation
A Thousand Pieces of You
The Illuminae Files
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
The Black Witch
Girls of Paper and Fire* – ARC
Ignite the Stars* – ARC
Empire of Sand* -ARC
Annex* – ARC
Finding Yvonne* – ARC

Are you interested in any of these books? I’m thinking about doing a giveaway!

Something Random

Supergoop is one of my favorite sunscreen brands and their new Unseen Sunscreen is soooooooooooo incredible! It’s velvety matte and oil free, with and I love wearing it. It has a light, sort of sweet smell but once you put it on you can’t smell it. SUNSCREEN 4EVER!

So that’s what’s up with me!

11 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap-Up: BookCon Edition!”

    1. Yeah it was total chaos!!! If BookExpo was more mellow I might have to try to get into that one next year instead!
      I’m so excited about my books though. Honestly any books are good books!!!

  1. Okay, I’ve been on Twitter all week feeling the #fomo HARD about the con and expo, but this post makes me feel a little better. Getting up at six am? Fighting hordes of people?? RUNNING??? No. Lol. That sounds waaaaay crazier than what I thought a bunch of book nerds were capable of. 😂 But I’m glad you got to talk to some awesome people and get free stuff!!

    I freaking love that Top Gun soundtrack. It’s so good! I’m such an 80’s nerd.

    And omg, I’ve been wanting to watch Poldark for ages and haven’t yet. IT LOOKS SO GOOD, WHAT’S WRONG WITH MEEEEEE???? I want to stand on a cliff with my hair and dress whipping in the wind dramatically!!! *Insert Pride and Prejudice gif here*

    1. Yeaaaaah. It was NOT THE PARTY HANGOUT I HAD HOPED. Still fun but like…apparently when ARCS are on the line, book nerds are not to be fucked with!

      YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY START WATCHING POLDARK. Last year I watched the first two season for 24 hours straight. Like I did not SLEEP. Just me at 5am yelling “OH SHIT” at my tv as the drama hits!

    1. It was pretty crazy, but I think they key is BRING A TEAM! Gotta have a person in every line, and friends who can run and get you snacks. It’s a multiple person operation!
      I’m sure you could rock it!

    1. I did get some good stuff!! I would have liked a more easy-breezy adventure but it was still lots of fun!

  2. Id love to go to Book Expo and some other book conferences. Sometimes they are just overwhelming. It’s hard to plan and see the things you want and meet people you want to see. And I don’t want physical books anymore. I want digital so everything can go with me everywhere. I hope you got some great books you enjoy. Anne – Books of My Heart

    1. Yeah, if you’re not interested in getting physical books you could spend all your time doing panels? I didn’t do any this year, but I heard some of them were really good!
      I’m really pleased with my bookhaul, though I saw some people walk away with like fifteen books!

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