The Weekend Wrap-Up

The Weekend Wrap Up 11/18/2018

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Off the Blog

Well I’ve done something massively stupid, I few months ago I went through my WordPress images and deleted some photos!! Ugh. I know. I was so pleased with myself too, like “Oh! How smart you are Chloe to be cleaning out this folder to make space for more photos, you clever girl!” But apparently when you delete photos from WordPress it deletes them from your posts and wasn’t that a fun surprise?!

Not sure if it’s even worth it at this point to go back and try and put the photos back in but if you come across a gray box on one of my posts, or it looks like there SHOULD be a photo there an there isn’t….this is why. Currently I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo and things are going really well this year! I’m ahead of schedule and nowhere close to losing steam! I remember at this time last year how much work it took to pull even the shortest sentence out of my brain, it was so painful to get anything down. My experience this year is completely different and maybe it’s because I’m more excited about this story than I was about the one I wrote last year? Who knows! I’m not gonna question it, just gonna keep on writing!

Other then THAT – I’m hoping to get back to regular posting! I now have a bullet journal, so I’m automatically fabulous and good at scheduling! That’s how that works.

I’m also visiting my parents in California for Thanksgiving, I’m from Napa and the air here is apocalyptic. I am constantly marveling at it when I go outside. I really shouldn’t be complaining about it because at least we’re safe, but it’s hard to be out in it.

It’s going to be a busy week full of cleaning, cooking, and eating! Hopefully I can squeeze in some reading and writing. 


What I’m Watching

Felicity on Hulu

I’ve never seen it before and I’ve been complaining the whole time while watching it because Felicity keeps doing dumb shit! Like girl you followed this guy to New York??? You rewrote his paper for him?!  YOU CUT OFF YOUR HAIR???  But Keri Russell is so damn charming, so I can’t actually stop watching it.




What I’m Reading

Archenemies by Marissa Meyer & Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte 

I’m listening to the audiobook for Archenemies. I like it enough, though it seems to have similar pacing issues that Renegades had, no surprises there. I had to pause my reading of Four Dead Queens a while ago so I could do a quick (LOL) reread of the TOG series before Kingdom of Ash, but I’m back at it! I picked up my ARC at New York Comic Con and so far so good! I really love the Queens…which is unfortunate. Given the name of the book.


What I’m Eating

Peppermint Bark Popcorn

Curse you Trader Joe’s and your ridiculous but delicious concoctions!!!! I am on a keto diet and really should be eating this because I am going to blow up like a balloon but oh GOODNESS. Apparently chocolate flavored popcorns are a weakness of mine, I saw these in the store and couldn’t force myself to put them down so HERE WE ARE. And they are just so good. Goddamnit! 




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Something Random

Which cast of characters from a book would you most love to spend Thanksgiving with?!

5 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap Up 11/18/2018”

  1. Oh no! That sounds awful! I’m glad I read this though because I had no idea images would get erased from posts if you took them off the file! I hope you manage to find some time to fix this. Also, I hope you enjoy your current reads. I am planning to read Renegades at some point, I hope you like Archenemies.

    1. Yes, let my tale be a warning to you!! 😂
      Oh great! I can’t wait to hear what you think once you read Renegades, people seem pretty divided on it, but I liked it well enough!

  2. Sorry to hear about your deleted pictures. I know I have some old posts that don’t look quite right after I moved my blog and I never can find the motivation to fix them, so I can understand why you might leave the pictures like they are now. It’s a pain to fix things like that. I hope you had a fun thanksgiving.

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