It’s YA Alphabeticals: A

I saw this on Books and Waffles a few weeks back and loved the idea! So I’m gonna try and throw this into the rotation every now and then. It’s originally from Alex @ The Paperback Piano, so if you do this one make sure you credit and link back! (and link to me too, because I wanna see what’s in your alphabet!)

  • Post your favourite authors, books and characters (ABCs) for a particular letter of the alphabet

Authors Beginning with A

Isaac Asimov: I’ve only read a small percentage of his books, considering how massive his body of work is. But I use to tote around I, Robot, Foundation, or one of his short story collections when I was in like grade school and wanted to look “well-read” and flaunt my high reading level πŸ€£

Becky Albertalli: A New-To-Me author this year! I’ve only read Leah on the OffBeat and Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda but I find her writing style to be really witty and accessible. Next on my TBR from her is What If It’s Us!

Tomi Adeyemi: I know the whole beef with Nora Roberts has left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths, because it was foolish and frankly a lil narcissistic, but I get it. I don’t need to get into the whole thing here. She still wrote an amazing book! And when I saw her at NYCC this October she was passionate, charming, and made me excited to write again.

Books Beginning with A

American Gods by Neil Gaiman: If there is one audiobook you need to listen to it’s the full cast recording of American Gods. It’s phenomenal! Perfect for if you are say,road tripping across the country or something! DO IT.

Artemis Fowl (& the whole series) by Eoin Colfer: I LOVE these books. My copies are faded, torn, and well loved (my copy of the Arctic Incident is drastically warped from when I dropped it in the tub). I used to pour over the texts so I could decode the Gnommish. They were such a huge part of my childhood and I’m kinda worried about the movie but also really excited….but I’M ALSO SO SO NERVOUS PLEASE DON’T EFF IT UP.

Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison: Oh my gooood, DO YOU REMEMBER THESE BOOKS?! They’re so hilarious. I vividly remember reading the series on a family vacation in Hawaii when I was like 14. I had taken the jacket off the book because I find them cumbersome when I read, and was reading at the table in some restaurant when this older woman in her like mid 50’s ambles over and goes “Oh! It’s so rare to see kids reading these days! What’s your book called?” And I look into her eyes and deadpan, “Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas.” Her face goes BEET RED, her eyes dart to my parents who just shrug, and then she mumbles something and runs away from me. Fabulous titles. Fabulous books. Though now that I think about it I’m not sure I ever read the last few books?? Hmmmm…

Characters Beginning with A

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius from Throne of Glass: Obviously there was no way to get through the A’s without mentioning my HBIC!!! I’m not gonna get into what Aelin means to me because there is no way to properly express it in words. Maybe I could do it in song, or with loud wailing? Basically I’m going to hold this character in my soul for the rest of my life, and it makes me so happy knowing she’ll always be there for me.

Artemis Fowl from the Artemis Fowl Series: Precious little criminal mastermind! I love a planner! I always appreciated how non-physical Artemis’s strengths were, the ridiculous millionaire genius that he was – he always panicked when it came down to a fight. I also love that, in the first book at least, he really was just kidnapping and committing crimes to reinstate the good criminal family name! Which is why certain changes in the movies have me worried but I WON’T PANIC I STILL HAVE HOPE FOR IT

Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King: Does anyone else sense a pattern with my fav babes here? Apparently I just love delightfully grey masterminds that are prone to stabbing people! I read this series earlier this year and FELL IN LOVE. Alosa is wild and calculating and so deeply loved and respected by her crew that it’s hard not adore her. 


What are your favorite authors, books, or characters that start with the letter A?

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