Wicked King Owlcrate Unboxing!

Who has two thumbs, no money, and bought the Limited Edition Wicked King Owlcrate Box anyway BECAUSE SHE IS A CRAZY STAN WITH A SERIOUS LACK OF SELF-CONTROL?! THIS GUYYYYYYYYY.

I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist getting a copy of The Wicked King that matched my Owlcrate version of The Cruel Prince! The only bummer is that right now most of my books are in storage so I can’t take a picture of the two beauties together 😩!
Joke is kindof on me though because while I love the Owlcrate covers….I’m kinda coming around on the normal versions? I didn’t like them at first but they’ve really grown on me and oh jesus am I seriously considering throwing more money at this series to get double copies?? MAYBE???

Anyway, I finished The Wicked King a few days ago (don’t speak to me about it I am ENRAGED. Doubly so that I have to wait another YEAR. FOR SATISFACTION.) (Actually you can speak to me about it because it’s probably all I’m gonna be thinking about for a looooooong time.)
I thought I’d do an unboxing post, in part to mend the bit of my soul that I guess will just HANG OUT outside of my body until The Queen of Nothing comes out sometime next year. And also because LOOK AT THES STUFF I GOT.


– Look at this COVER!!!! I love it!! I love the blue and how OMINOUS it feels! Like I said, my copy of The Cruel Prince is in storage, but I’ve got some pics from when I opened that Owlcrate box in my review – you can find that HERE!

– Is any box really complete without a candle? This is from Alchemy and Ink and it’s apparently a wood wick candle. I’ve never had one of those before and it should inform on the person I am that I’m REALLY excited about a wood wick candle!! It’s supposed to smell like Cardan – leather, oak wood, and moss. I haven’t set it ablaze yet, it smells fine but I’m hoping I like it better when it’s lit.

– This is probably my favorite thing in the box. The golden acorn pendant is dainty and beautiful and something I’ll actually wear. Though I just got a charm bracelet (I KNOW! I’ve only been talking about it forever! It was a birthday present from my sister), and I’m considering taking the charm and putting it on the bracelet.

– Gem Soap! I mean sure why not. I’m kinda meh about this because I’m not a solid soap person? But it’s cute enough and smells like…I dunno. Like soaP? WOW CHLOE. GREAT DESCRIPTORS!! IT’S LIKE OUR NOSES ARE THERE WITH YOU BRAVO.

– I am not a huuuuuge fan of this scarf. The design is pretty, but I’ll probably use it more as a wall hanging or something than as a scarf. It’s not super warm, and not actually that long? Who knows. Maybe it’ll get cold enough and I’ll just say EFF IT and pile on alllll the layers!

– Again not a big fan of this zipper pouch – though I am in DESPERATE need of a pencil case! So I will 100% be using it. (Funny enough what I’m currently keeping my pens in is ALSO a Cruel Prince related item). I’m really specific with the typography designs/quotes I like, and it’s just not my style.

– Aaaah TEA! I love Riddle’s Tea Shoppe so I’m happy to see this, but fruit tea is not my favorite. I never pass up tea though. SO. HAPPY TO HAVE IT!

– I actually really like the design of this bookmark, though I probably would have picked different quotes. The tassel looked so good sticking out of my book!

– I. Am. BLUSHING!! This print is so good! Love the art and honestly anything to do with this ICONIC scene is gonna get a rave review from me!

– Flat out, I love enamel pins. Even this wackadoo one that doesn’t look anything like the hardback foil stamping like it’s supposed to. It looks like some sort of spindly egg thing.

THIS is the hardback foil stamping. IDK if the normal version of the book has a different stamping closer to the egg-pin or what but you see what I’m saying? This doesn’t look like the pin at ALL!

– And there is one more pin in here which I’m guessing must be the pre-order pin? It’s not actually included on the spoiler card. I like it! It’s simple but will look great with my other pre-order pins that are the same style!


The thing is though, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the box if I wasn’t so intent on my books having matching covers. Now I’m just left praying to high heaven that Owlcrate does ANOTHER Limited Edition for the last one. I’m too deep into it now, can’t back out!


Have you ever gotten a box for a specific series before? Were you happy with it?!

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