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January Wrap-Up!

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Hello humans, and one anteater in a suit who thinks he’s passing, RIDDLE ME THIS. Why is January the longest damn month in the existence of months? It feels like we’ve been doing this dance for half a year and I am TIRED.
Oddly though this last week went by in a blur! I couldn’t seem to get my feet under my body and didn’t get ANYTHING done.

Little Things That Made Me Smile

  • Hit my GOAL WEIGHT! HUZZAH! I’m such a hot little dance biscuit. Still gonna stick with keto for the other benefits, but probably not so aggressively.
  • HEAT TECH and PILE LINED SWEATPANTS from Uniqlo are my daily uniform. I look like I’m in a winter Step Up movie. I mean I don’t actually, but I feel it in my soul. And it’s amazing.
  • Rehearsals started for PETER AND THE STARCATCHER! I’m playing Ted, and I’m having a blast acting again
  • I read SEVENTEEN BOOKS LAST MONTH! I’m insanely smug about it because I want to read 100 books this year and I know I can’t keep that pace up all year, so best to get ahead now! I managed to read so many though because I got trapped in…
  • THE ROMANCE VORTEX! Basically that’s what I call it when I get caught up in romance books and end up reading 1-2 a day for like two weeks. Plus it usually coincides with these damn Polar Vortexes. SOO YOU SEE WHAT I DID. WE HAVE FUN HERE.
  • New Light by John Mayer because it’s a delightful jam

Meanwhile my imminent doom is swirling ever closer and I am PANIC ALWAYS.

And on that note, let’s see what my month looked like on the blog!

Books I Read

Not listing every book because 17 BOOKS! If you’re curious though they’re all on my Goodreads! These were my favorites:


Goals for February:

  • I really need to adjust my ratings system – it’s swings around too much based off my mood and I need like a rubric?? Maybe? I’m not sure. How do you do your ratings?
  • I want to try more discussions or alternate post types to add more variety to my blog!
  • One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start dating again so ugh. Guess I’ll like….download Hinge or something. Honestly who has the time for that?? I just want somebody to already be around so I can use them as a pillow while I read and they can get my snacks so I don’t have to get up. Do I just want a butler maybe?

Does anyone else like to read romance books this time of year?

2 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up!”

  1. Wow! 17 books is amazing! And I’m in the middle of Strange the Dreamer right now! I also am one of those people that can easily get sucked into a romance vortex, especially when I get very stressed and need something light and fluffy. But I’m particular with my romances, so that can make things difficult. Best of luck on your February goals!

    1. Yesss!! I also find romance books are great with getting me out of a reading slump because they’re just so easy to get into! I can also be particular about them though, I really hate certain popular tropes and I usually don’t find out they’re gonna happen till it’s too late 😩
      Thank you!! Happy readings!

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